MADlib®: Big Data Machine Learning in SQL for Data Scientists

  • Apache Software Foundation (incubating) project
  • Supports PostgreSQL, Greenplum and Apache HAWQ®
  • Powerful analytics for Big Data

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MADlib Moves to ASF

MADlib is now an Apache Software Foundation incubator project!


Together with Apache HAWQ (incubating), the MADlib open source project has transitioned its development and governance models to be in accordance with  ”The Apache Way.”

Apache® is a widely recognized place for like-minded developers to collaborate on software in open and productive ways.  At Pivotal, we view it as the ideal venue to continue developing MADlib technology in innovative directions.  Please refer to the ASF incubator proposal for more details.

We invite anyone to come collaborate on the codebase.  Both software contributions and non-code contributions (documentation, events, community management, etc.) are valued.

We enthusiastically look forward to working together with all future contributors to MADlib in order to advance the state-of-the-art of scale-out data science tools.  

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